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Felix E. Urquiza

Studio Director . Creative Director . Director . VFX Supervisor

INM Digital / Felix E. Urquiza was recently founded to independently showcase 18 years of experience in the entertainment industry while working for companies such as Method, Hydraulx, The Mill, and now TiltShift. Dominating a background in commercials, the professional experience expands to game cinematics, film, shoot supervision, Model/Texture supervision, and VFX Supervision. INM experience also expands to 3D Artist in Modeling, Texturing, LookDev, and Lighting.


In one of the most creative industries, INM Digital is currently focusing on Live Action, Creative Direction, and Directing. With extensive experience in post production and VFX, INM Digital is innovating new ideas of taking this next chapter to a new level while providing world class experience.


Thank you for stopping by and visiting Felix's - INM digital, we hope you enjoy all of the wonderful work provided, as it has been a work in the making for the last 18 years.

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